The goal of Nantucket Home Works is to provide you with more time and comfort to enjoy your home.  Our premise is to navigate and complete that list of unfinished projects, maintenance and repairs that distract you from the lifestyle you enjoy.

Our services include but are not limited to:

    •    Carpentry

    •    Interior Painting  

    •    Seasonal Chores

    •    Repairs and general maintenance

    •    Caretaking services

    •    Boat preparation for winter storage or spring launch

As a change of seasons usually brings a sense of renewal and preparation, we offer assistance to complete lists of chores in time for your visitors and activities.  Our Seasonal Chore Package can be customized to your needs and we provide a free estimate.

   The package may include:

    •   Opening and closing your home for the season

    •    Gutter cleaning and maintenance

    •    Window washing

    •    Cleaning and storage of outdoor furniture

    •    Installing and storage of window air conditioners

Our Helping Hands Service has been very popular with the do-it-yourselfer.    Helping Hands Service provides the client with an extra set of hands to complete a project, assist with chores, prepare for houseguests or even a party.  The service is available by the hour, day, or week.

"Home Works has made it possible for me to enjoy my home on Nantucket again. Donna and Sue have taken on troublesome maintenance and repair projects and have been completely reliable and competent, completing tasks on time and within budget. One of my favorite projects was their design and construction of custom built-ins that made my house work better and look better than ever before."  Sandra Keys